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An Amplifier Of Vibrations, And A Powerful 
Attractor Of Wealth & Prosperity...
 ~ The Wealth & Prosperity Orgonite Pyramid: $64.99 FREE ~  
For thousands of years, the Pyramids of Egypt have been revered as powerful expressions of 
sacred geometry, capable of conducting and amplifying life force energy.

Miniature pyramid structures like this one (especially when crafted with natural semi-precious stones) are an excellent way 
to amplify the vibrations and flow of positive energy, both in your living space and in your mind, body, and spirit.
  • A gift for greater wealth & prosperity in the New Year: expertly crafted with ceregat (yellow agate) and other precious materials, that work in harmony to align you with the vibration of wealth, and promote abundance in every dimension of life - from your wealth and career, to your emotions and mindset. 
  • A proven conductor of positive energy: the positive energy flow patterns of this pyramid can be observed through Kirlian photography. You will see a concentration of energy that takes place around the vertical axis passing through the apex of the pyramid (at 1/3 the height from its base). You can also see energy coming out of the summit of the pyramid is in spiral form.
  • Place it around your living or working spaces to enjoy various positive effects: place it in your workspace to encourage greater productivity and positive outcomes, or in your living room or bedroom to raise your vibrations as you go about your day.
  • Use as a meditation or visualization aid: the pyramid is compact enough to hold in your hand while meditating, visualizing, doing yoga, or even for carrying in your bag or pocket. Helps with concentration and entering deeper states of mind.
  • Includes a free bonus digital mystery gift ($9.99 value) that awakens the full power of your pyramid (you’ll receive it immediately after claiming your free pyramid).
  • Only 200 pieces available: our giveaways go out to our global community, and we typically run out of stock within a day or two. Please confirm your order now to secure your free unit - we only ask that you help us with shipping & handling.
Why Are We Giving Away These Orgonite Pyramids For FREE?
We believe humanity is in urgent need of healing and unity - in the holiday season and beyond! These mala beads, sustainably produced using principles outlined in ancient wisdom, is just one part of our outreach mission.

We support 200+ artisans across the world, each one as committed to our mission as we are. Upon ordering your free mala beads, you're welcome to purchase a product from our store. This will greatly help us in our movement.
Only 200 Pieces Available - Claim Yours Before They’re Gone!
You will receive 1x Wealth & Prosperity orgonite pyramid: an amplifier of positive energy 
within you and around you, that aids in the attraction of wealth and abundance.
Product Details:

Material: yellow agate, copper, resin, gold foil
Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm
• Value: $64.99, yours FREE while stocks last

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