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FREE Today: The White Jade Serenity Bracelet
A precious crystal curation that mellows the emotions, calms the heart, and brings harmony to every moment. Claim yours before we run out!
$49.99 Value - Just Cover Shipping
  • A gift in support of global peace and healing: we’re on a mission to spread healing through the power of nature and ancient wisdom - and this bestselling bracelet is our sincere offering to you.
  • Handcrafted with pure white jade: each crystal bead is pure, sustainably sourced, and polished to perfection. Finished with an elegant shell flower charm.
  • A natural attractor of serenity and calm thoughts: white jade mellows the emotions, calms the heart, and brings harmony to every moment. Its corresponding Chakra is the Crown Chakra.
  • Only 52 units available: these handmade curations are in short supply - and we’ve allocated as many as we can for this giveaway. We only ask that you help us with shipping & handling.
Why Are We Giving Away These Bracelets For FREE?
We believe humanity is in urgent need of healing and unity, now more than ever! This bracelet, sustainably produced using principles outlined in ancient wisdom, is just one part of our outreach mission.

We support 200+ artisans across the world, each one as committed to our mission as we are. Upon ordering your free bracelet, you're welcome to purchase a product from our store by claiming one of our featured discounts. Thank you for your support!
White Jade: The Noble Crystal Of Peace & Purity
The pursuit of inner peace is sacred and everlasting: and for this reason, white jade has been coveted since ancient times as a gateway to stillness and holistic wellness.

White jade protects. From your emotions to your Chakras to even your physical wellbeing, it wards off the physical and energetic pollutants surrounding you.

White jade enriches. The energies of love, abundance, and prosperity are amplified in its presence.

White jade clarifies. When either worn or displayed, it brings peace, serenity, and a calm mind - allowing you to think more clearly and make better decisions.
Only 52 Units Available - Claim Yours Before They’re Gone!
You will receive 1x White Jade Serenity Bracelet: a handmade curation that brings peace and calm to every moment.
Product Details:

Crystals: pure, sustainably sourced agate white jade
Bead size: 7.5mm
Length: adjustable from 6.3 - 7 inches (universal fit)
• Value: $49.99, yours FREE while stocks last

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Crystals are one of nature’s most powerful healers - but only when they’re the real deal. Every crystal we use is pure, authentic, and sustainably sourced. That’s the Project:Yourself promise.
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